There Are Different Types Of Cues In 8 Ball Pool

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There are different types of cues that are available in 8 ball pool games which helped me a lot when I went to the pool shop and made educated decision about my choice for the cue sticks. Each sick had different features, different prices, and different efficiency. Such difference helped me in making a perfect shot with the exact power needed so that I could hit the targeted ball and pocket it successfully as well. Knowing beforehand about the different cue sticks helped me a lot in making a wise decision, and that is why I did a lot of study about the guides and tutorials whatever available about the game offline.

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At this point, I would also like to reiterate a fact which many might have said before, and that is playing this pool game needs a lot of resource management in the process as I went up the ladder and kept leveling up. I had to make sure that I had enough 8 ball pool coins and cash, which are the primary resources of the game so that I could buy the cue sticks, patterns for the pool table, select the locales I wanted to fight and much more. I, therefore, made it a point to click on the free coins buttons every half an hour for unlimited time so that I got an increase of 25 coins with every hit apart from using the 8 ball pool hack tool.

Now, as I was speaking about the cue, I found that the beginner cue is of no use once I got the taste of using the other cue sticks available for the benefit of me.  There is a classic cue which I used several times as it had both the force, time and spin limited to two units and aiming to three and most importantly it cost as less as five units of cash. Then there are the standard and advanced earth cues for twenty-five and fifty cash units respectively.

I also used the premium earth cue stick which I found to be the best among such available cue sticks.  With the force and aim to the maximum level, it cost me around one hundred and ten cash units, but I swear it is worth making such an expense. There are several other cue sticks which are also in making a hit accurately, but among all of them, I found that the premium earth cue was the best for me in 8 ball pool game.

I found there was no end to such cue sticks as I could also get some useful ones when I unlocked a few cue sticks as well. Among the four types that I could unlock, I found that the ice stick had the most power, aim, time and spin as compared to the others. The other less powerful ones included the Phantom cue which is next to the ice cue in features and cost as well. The shaman cue I unlocked was the least powerful and least priced as well, but the costliest one was the candy cue.

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