05 May 2017

Overview of movie star planet

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Movie star planet is generally called as MSP it is an online game in the virtual world of gaming in the internet. This is mainly designed for children aged between 8 to 15 years old and this game is designed in such a way that game is suitable for both girls and boys to play since kids are more fond of making their dolls to the trended fashion in order to make their wish fulfill by this game. The game initially starts when children have to choose their own movie star character from lots of movie stars and they can dress up that character, change their hair style, etc. In addition to this the game allows children to do several things such as

  • The game allows making movie on children own wish.
  • Children can make more friends
  • Buy several costumes for the movie character.
  • It also allows children to make animations in their movie.
  • In higher levels the children can also buy several animated movie characters and animated animals too.

In the moviestarplanet player can also buy VIP account using real money playing in VIP account provides excellent game play. In VIP account player can access special clothes to movie character and several additional features which make the movie character to be a great celebrity. Player can earn fame coins and star coins by making more films, by collecting autographs, creating art books, etc. Some people use msp hacks to earn coins in game to reach higher levels.

Reviews of movie star planet

MSP game became a famous online social game in which each player become a movie celebrity more over the gaming platform is designed in such a way that it remains as harmless, exciting features and with secured social networking platform.

Since there are more contests to participate in gaming platform the game leads to gain more fun. The player gets more rewards when he interacts socially with other stars and with the contacts of the player on other hand these features adds more fun to the game.

As moviestarplanet game is most interesting and imaginary game where player never gets bored while playing and it also give chance for parents to take participate. Whenever child plays in internet parents always plays an vital role to ensure safety of the child in order to tackle all these problems and the MSP gaming platform encourage parents to add their kids account and their online activities to ensure kids online interact are safe part was it will be continued till parents are satisfied with MSP gaming platform.

Positives and negatives of movie star planet game

  • MSP gaming is a creative social gaming platform for children.
  • This game is available in mobile application such as android and IOS.
  • There are several ways to meet players friends and make chat with them through chat rooms.
  • It does not need player to enter the personal details to enter the gaming account.
  • Parents has lots of issues concerning about their child safety.

Moreover the entire idea of MSP is all about being social and show player skills to others in social media.…