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27 Jun 2016

An Advanced Strategy In Boom Beach Is To Hide Your Buildings

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There are several strategies and tips to follow while you play the game on your mobile device. You may also get some advice and suggestions when you use the boom beach hack apk to proceed further with the game along with generating resources and coins according to your wish. But there are some tricks which are very effective for advanced strategy and can not only be followed by the advance players but also by the rookies. You must know by now that the game is all about an army or some troops invading and infiltrating your island to capture it from you.

You have to save your Boom Beach island from them by building a very strong defensive strategy and place them at the perfect vantage points to do more damage to the enemy and save your buildings as well. Therefore, it is a defense that counts the most in winning the battle. You have to manage your resources to optimized upgrading and obtaining the best defensive weapons. You would also have to build and upgrade radar to investigate and view even the farthest part of the island to get resources and hidden treasures. All these are very common and basic strategies which anyone should follow but how about some secretive measures to play the game even better.

The secret that some players would have with high HQ level is some mandatory building missing from the base. It is an advanced defensive strategy that is followed by expert players in which they hide most of their non-defensive buildings on the base behind trees. This makes them obscure from the enemy view, and thus they are saved from attacks and demolition. This strategy when followed would help you to concentrate on your upgrading and attacking more than worrying about saving your buildings. This, in turn, would give you more chance to make kills and win victory points while you proceed further with Boom Beach game.

Now, different kinds of trees and shrubs are on the island, but you should also know which trees would be best for you to hide the buildings. Ideally, you should select only those types of trees which are big and have a huge thicket volume to make your building conspicuous. Of course, you may argue that keeping your non-defensive buildings visible would make your base look bigger and stronger, but if you do hide you non-defensive buildings, then you have an added advantage over your enemies.

The buildings would be saved from enemy attack as they would be unable to see and would not be able to gain the gun boat energy and use it to destroy your defensive buildings making it harder for them to destroy your base. Therefore, when you remove the trees from your base, spare those mangroves thickets and place one mine near the trees so that you can view the ground under the building.  You should be careful and also remember to remove it so that the enemies does not see it and destroy your building which is the last thing you would want to happen.…

22 Jun 2016

Get all the items in the game to unlock all the zones

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Games are always being a best friend for all the people in the world. Many people are desired to play a different type of games where they not seen before and not played before. For that persons simcity buildit game will be treat to them. When the gamer is moves up in the level then he wants to upgrade new items and the buildings. Upon reaching certain level the player needs to update the building also. In order to make up the commercial building in that case too the player needs some items. When the player enter into the global trade headquarter the gamer will be able to see only the advertisement of the items or the other player centers so the player wants to unlock the particular item. Like this simcity buildit game the developer had also released the game such as Bejeweled Blitz, The Simpsons tapped out, etc.

The player has the access to the other player centers but the gamer will not able to see the locked items in the center. Factory raw materials are the items to be produced in the factory and it does not cost anything to buy the items but it will take more time to produce.  And only these factory raw materials are consider as the foundation to produce the higher value items by using the commercial buildings in the zones. It requires large amount of time for the production of these higher value items. In the factories many raw materials can be able to create in a same time but in the other building only one raw material can be able to create at a time. Based on the factory capability and size the player will get two to five items for a single factory in the same time. If we have the six upgraded factories and we can able to produce thirty of the raw items at a time. These six upgraded factories will make the materials more attractive than the other materials when it comes for the selling purpose in terms of the profit of the material.

For every minute we can put thirty pieces of metal to the market. We can get one free advertised item for a minute and for the remaining item we need to buy from our actual money. To avoid spending the real money to purchase the items and the same way you need to develop the city there is a special tool called simcity buildit cheats will help you to get all the things and while hacking the currencies the developer will not ask the password of the gamer. This game is a series of SimCity and in the game we need to get the currencies to win the game. As a player he wants to get those thousands of resources such as Simoleons, SimCash and the golden keys. The player wants to develop the unique city and has to create and trade the goods with the other friends by balancing the services to keep the citizens happier.…